About Kim Schreiner

Kim Schreiner started helping distressed homeowners with foreclosure alternatives when other agents turned clients away, because of the complexity of a short sale, they can be VERY time consuming.  Many agents avoid short sale transactions because there is a chance the transaction may take months to close, the lender may reduce an agent’s commission, etc., so many things can happen during this most difficult sale. Emotions run very high, people can be distraught. Many lenders only care about their bottom number, a homeowner often feels like they are just another number.

It was disheartening to see what was and still is happening to people in today’s economy. After Kim closed her first short sale, the satisfaction of saving someone from foreclosure was extremely rewarding. It outweighed the hard work and time that went into the sale. Kim took the necessary courses and became a Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource.

Kim has partnered with Real Estate Attorney, William G. Sokol, Esq. and his team to expedite the process and to be able to provide legal information and advice to her clients.  Please visit his website! The partnership has been a win-win for all parties involved.  READ MORE 

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